Accurate, Durable and Reliable

Since 1938 Precision Instruments has invented, designed and manufactured the finest torque wrenches and products. Today the product lines include the most complete dial-type wrench line. With literally hundreds of scales and models to choose from it's easy to make the Precision Decision and experience the difference a Precision torque instrument makes.

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Set it, Lock it, Click it. It's that easy!

Just keeps on clicking. And clicking. And clicking. The original Split-beam click type torque wrench and still the best! Strong. Reliable. And always ready to keep on clicking on.

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Roll-iability at its Finest

Four patented technologies within the "roller" release mechanism provides world class performance. The M line is the ultimate in reliable, dependable, and accurate micrometer click wrenches. Looking for the best? You FOUND IT!

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A Leader in Innovation
Precision Instruments was incorporated in 1938 to pursue the manufacture of the first torsion bar dial type wrenches. Central to the very first patent, awarded five years later, were the tenants of accuracy, reliability, and durability that have become synonymous with the Precision Instruments name. Over the next 24 years, the company would refine and elaborate on the torsion bar dial type wrench with advances that include increased accuracy and signaling options.
From the invention of the torsion bar dial type wrench and split-beam click wrench, to the most reliable micrometer adjustable click wrench, Precision Instruments has always been a leader in innovation.

Three Generations

In 1938, K.R. Larson started on a journey to manufacture a better torsion bar dial-type wrench. 75 years later, his spirit of innovation, determination and commitment to precision live on at our company, Precision Instruments.
Today, our family and everyone at Precision Instruments continue to design and manufacture accurate, reliable and durable torque  wrenches for customers around the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey.