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1/4" Drive PreSet Single Value Micrometer Click Wrench - MP1R200H

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Drive Size:
Drive type:
Rigid ratchet
Primary units:
PreSet Single Value Min:
PreSet Single Value Max:
Increments (Not Adjustable):
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Please note this is a preset non-adjustable model.  Specifiy your desired preset value in the comment section when placing your order.


Engineered, precision bearing surfaces extend the calibrated life of the M line to as many as 60,000 cycles or more and ensure the most reliable performance possible. In addition to flawless operation at release, calibration is completely external, unlike traditional mechanism that require disassembly and the replacement of blocks and shims.

Effective Length at 20% of Full Scale: 8.18" Effective Length at Full Scale: 7.28"

Maximum Overall Length: 9.87"

Minimum Overall Length: 8.97"

Weight: .85 lbs. (w/plastic case): 1.50 lbs.

Finish: Nickel / Chrome

Ratchet kit: R11AR-RK

Meets or Exceeds the following Specifications: GGG-W-686C, ANSI B107.14

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