(RGA) Flat-Rate Repair 1/4" Sq.Dr. MD Fully Releasing Torque Driver


 RGA Instructions

1) Please mark your package with the order number (RGA)

2) Ship your tool(s) to our street address:

Precision Instruments, Inc.

Att: Repairs RGA ####

1846 Miner Street

Des Plaines, IL 60016

3) Precision Instruments will service your tool and return it. Shipping notification with tracking will be provided at this time.


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Flat-rate repair and calibration of any 1/4" Sq.Dr., MD Series Fully Releasing Torque Driver manufactured by Precision Instruments, Inc.

The mechanical opperation of your tool will be returned within factory new specifications.  The flat-rate service price is inclusive.  Return shipping is added at checkout.

To contact repairs email us at repairs@torqwrench.com